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Data Privacy Consent Form

     I understand and agree that by my voluntary engagement of the services of the UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS providing my personal information, I am giving consent to University of San Carlos through the Admissions Office to collect, store, access, share and process my personal data, whether manually or electronically, which will be used for the following purpose:

     1. Documentation

     2. Performing statistical analysis and group profile, executing marketing campaigns, strategic planning and research studies

     3. The use or disclosure is reasonably necessary, required or authorized by or under law

I am aware of and understand my rights under the Data Privacy Act 2012 and that whileI have the right to object, it is still necessary for the USC through Admissions Office tocollect, store, access, share and process my personal data solely for the adequate assessment of myself and for my own benefit.

As an applicant, I understand that I must personally claim the results of my Admission Examinations or access my academic results, clearance, assessment and classschedule on line. If I am unable to personally claim my results or my academic results, clearance, assessment and class schedule on line, I understand that my representative must present an authorization letter with an attached copy of my and his/her valid ID.

I understand that from time to time, it may be necessary for the University to revise this document. Any revision made to this document shall be communicated via posting in the University website or via email.

Any change will not be applied and will not alter how the University handles previously collected personal data without obtaining my consent, unless required by law.

I also acknowledge and warrant that this waiver indemnifies the USC Admissions Office from any complaint, lawsuit, or damages in relation to this process. My signature below signifies my understanding of the above statements and voluntarily consent to the above

I hereby certify that all entries are true and correct. I fully understand that any withheld information, wrong or false statement I make here is a ground for non-admission in the University.

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